How to Use Toy Fish for Cats?

Here are some tips and tricks through which you can understand how to use toy fish for cats.

  1. Introduce the Toy: Before your cat starts playing with the toy you should let your cat sniff and inspect the toy. This will help your cat to get comfortable with the toy.
  2. Move the Toy: You can move your cat fish toy in different ways to engage your cat. You can wiggle, toss or swing the toy in front of your cat.
  3. Use Catnip: If you have a Catnip fish toy you can throw this toy on your cat to make it more engaging. This can help your cat to be encouraged and play with the toy. Your cat will feel more enjoyable with this toy.
  4. Surprise your Cat: Always try to surprise your cat with toys. It will help your cat to get in more interested in the toy.
  5. Rotate Toys: If you want that your cat always shows interest in the toys, then it’s a good idea to rotate their toys regularly. So your cat will not be bored with the same toy. This idea will encourage them to explore and play with new ones.

Every cat has different preferences when it comes to a toy because every cat is unique. Always observe your cat’s behavior and adjust the play time accordingly.

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